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Who Are We?


Founded in 1988, CPWI is a business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and business-to-government provider of public and private real-estate information.

CPWI began providing documents to common-interest communities in the late 1980’s. We now provide services to governments, real estate, and settlement companies—as well as to the communities themselves. Our traditional concentration in document management has given CPWI a unique perspective on how to maintain, manage, and publish complex document sets, providing the infrastructure to facilitate common-interest communities, government, and industry working together towards a common goal. Our experience has also allowed us to develop additional core services in support of the industry.

  • Our reputation is one of fair prices and quality customer service providing information, document, and financial services in support of common-interest communities.
  • Our traditional emphasis has been focused support of the individual owner who for the first time is discovering the meaning of living in a common-interest community.
  • Our "informed consumer" approach is CPWI’s compass, defining our array of services offered to:
    • Builder/Developers thru our transition support services.
    • Owners with our Community Records System (CRS), meeting and proxy services, and web presence.
    • Sellers with online or hard copy resale documents, condo certs, and questionnaire services.
    • Management Companies with documents management support services, and assessment cycle management program.
    • Housing Professionals by providing support to government, non-profit organizations, and private programs that have unique common-interest community requirements.

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